Saturday, 9 June 2018

BioGaps Transcribe winners for February to March 2018

The BioGaps top transcriber for the period February to March has been selected:
Well done and a big thank you to Phumlani Cimi who transcribed 292 specimen label images!

Phumlani is based at the Albany Museum in Grahamstown. He loves sharing information with groups of young and old who are learning about plants. He enjoys curating the herbarium, doing research, attending conferences, and publishing in peer reviewed journals. He takes a few hours of his time to join the team of volunteers in transcribing herbarium specimen labels for the BioGaps project.

Phumlani in his happy environment

We appreciate all the valuable assistance provided by the Transcribe volunteers! Anyone anywhere can become involved. To join this fun activity, go toTranscribe:

BioGaps digitisers are working hard every day imaging hundreds of plant specimens and their labels. We need all the help we can get in transcribing these records and making them digitially available for research and conservation.

The Transcribe platform helps us fill in gaps in biodiversity knowledge for our precious Karoo region. This information will help guide future conservation and development activities (e.g. shale gas exploration) in the Karoo. 

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