Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Butterfly team wraps up

By Hanna and Dave

The Karoo BioGaps butterfly survey team has been very busy during our second field season. We have made 38 site visits bringing our total to 44 sites visited at least once. We have obtained over 500 species occurrence records and collected over 240 DNA samples. Our team has reduced slightly to 7 expert surveyors covering the whole BioGaps region and they have managed despite the huge distances they have to cover.

The lack of rain in the western part of the survey region, which is critical to many of our butterflies emerging, has reduced our yield of records and samples. Fortunately good rains in the eastern and central parts have compensated for this, and some sites have been very productive (24 species recorded on one site!).

The farmers have continued to be very helpful, and we are amazed when we visit your farms to see how you are surviving, despite the many challenges being thrown at you by Mother Nature. So thank you to all of you:

Brandvlei              Christo Stadler
Kouwenburg         Charl & Amanda du Toit
Doornberg             Peet van Heerden
Dosaka                  Sinclair Collett
Uitspanfontein      EP & Rene Hoon
Fonteinplaas          Gerritt Immelman
Excelsior               Roland Kroon
Muggefontein        Kobus Marais
Rietkuil                 Christie Mock√©
Tulpleegte             Jackson Mjoli
Sewefontein          Gun De Bruin
Kromrivier            James Fitzhenry
Kleinwaterval        Adriaan Nortje

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